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Have you ever needed to communicate with your employees? Not with just one of them, but ALL of them? At the same time? No matter where they are? When you have a mobile work force, communication is key. Being able to talk with all your employees simultaneously and rapidly can mean the difference between success and failure.

This is the advantage of two-way radio communications. Cell phones provide a convenient way of communicating one-to-one. Radio, on the other hand provides an open forum: one-to-many and many-to-many. With advances in Digital Radio technology, the sky is the limit to how far you can communicate with your organization. All of it. Simultaneously.

Analog vs. Digital

Peak Wireless Services operates a wide area digital radio network. What's the difference between an analog and a digital radio system? There are many, namely:

With Analog technology the further way from coverage you get, the more and more degraded the signal and voice quality becomes. Eventually you'll hear nothing but static. In a digital environment even on the fringes of coverage, voice quality is still crystal clear. You either hear the person on the other end or you don't. It's black and white. So what you get is increased range and voice quality.

Analog vs. Digital

Improved Coverage

Probably the biggest advantage of Peak Wireless Services' wide area network is the "Wide Area." With the advent of cellular phones, the expectation of when and where you can communicate has been drastically raised. With a subscription to Peak Wireless Services, you'll experience Utah's largest two-way radio network. We have over 23 mountain and building top sites that cover Salt Lake Valley, Ogden, Tooele, Utah Valley, Park City, Heber, Moab, St. George and much more. Each site is inter-connected over a robust IP back-haul, meaning that you can drive and talk without ever having to change a channel. You can talk from Salt Lake and instantly your driver in St. George can hear what's going on.

Wide Area


With digital radio you are open to a wide variety of customizable features such as: Over-the-air alias, which lets you see who's talking; Individual calls, meaning that you can communicate with an individual radio instantly; Group and individual text messaging; Auxiliary Inputs and Outputs, meaning that you can monitor remote electrical systems such as PTO on/off or remote telemetry systems; Asset tracking through GPS; Improved options for security such as encryption codes and much, much more.